Taking over a world class recipe With a destiny to pursue further safety and quality
Since FINEPET'S dog food is not a medicine, do not expect sudden dramatic changes. In dogs, it takes about 3 months for all the blood in the body to be replaced (there are, of course, individual differences) so please look for the changes over the course this three month cycle.
After three months, not only will you see more shine in the fur and eyes, but your dog will be the one to show the biggest overall improvements in their health.

As the manufacturers,
we are presenting this product.
As such, we stress

As the manufacturers, we are presenting this product. As such, we stress "quality".

For carnivorous dogs and cats, we avoid grain-based raw ingredients.

If corn is the main ingredient in food, it places a great burden on your pets’ digestive system when consumed daily. The first three main ingredients listed on the nutrition facts: are you sure they are the best?

Bovine, pork, and white chicken meat are not healthy.

Even though meat, beef, pork, white meat (chicken) is allergic is strong for the pet, or to induce itching and visceral disease, the white meat is not could give a health serious consequences, such as to destroy the calcium in the body Hmm. In between, such as breeders, much is certain all Once given the same pet food in the parent-child generations died in the same cancer, is also talk that.

Lamb, duck, and salmon meat are very healthy.

For pet food, low-fat and low-calorie are ideal. Lamb, duck, and salmon meat are the best to use as main ingredients in pet food because of their ideal balance of proteins and vitamins and minerals necessary for carnivorous animals, as well as being low allergen.

Be aware of dangerous additives!

The laws and safety standards in the pet industry are loose, and even if the pet food is labelled “natural” or “additive-free”, carcinogenic antioxidants and preservatives, meat from sick livestock and bone meal, and antibiotics or pesticide residue are added without being listed as ingredients to cut costs; the reality is pets’ lives are considered secondary to lowering production costs.