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What is the difference between FINEPET'S food and other foods?

The biggest difference is that we use only raw materials of “the level that humans can eat.” Also, we never use the chemical synthesis additive.

Generally, nutrients needed for cat food are as follows:

Protein: 23% to 26%

Fat: 10% to 20%

Highest of ash: under 6%

Fiber needed for intestines to work properly: 2% to 9%

Of course, these numbers are different depend on living conditions and age.FINEPET'S cat food is a high-quality food that can balance the overall intake of these nutrients.

ou may be asked questions about the fat content of 20% of the prescription of FINEPET'S cat food. Fat content becomes the important energy it carries fat-soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids to the body and also improves the appetite. FINEPET’S cat food prescription is to supply nutrition at the highest level from kitten to senior.

Please tell us about pH value.

pH value of FINEPET’S cat food is pH5 that optimized to prevent FUS.

Please tell us about the ash and magnesium compared to the general FUS prescription diet.

Let’s compare the ash and magnesium between FINEPET'S cat food and other general prescription foods for FUS.

FINEPET'S cat food

Ash: 5.5%

Magnesium: 0.1% (Minimum necessary and safety level for health management)

General prescription food for FUS

Ash: about 5%

Magnesium: 0.08%

General prescription food for FUS is very close in value to FINEPET'S cat food content level. Magnesium and the ash of FINEPET'S cat food will be sufficient to prevent from pathogenesis of FUS. There are canned foods, which have lower content level, but we think our balance of FINEPET'S cat food will be the optimal value for maintaining a cat’s health.