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Is it safe to give the same food to dogs and cats?

Dogs and cats are intake different amounts of nutrients and have different metabolism. Dogs will be able to synthesize a part of the amino acid that cats cannot. Therefore we don’t recommend feeding cat food to a dog and vice versa.

Is it safe to give to pregnant cats, postpartum cats, or newborn cats?

Feeding FINEPET’s cat food to pregnant cats will not be a problem. Feeding extra food due to pregnancy is not necessary. Overfeeding will lead to significant weight gain, which in turn increases the risk of preeclampsia. Please prevent your cat from being overweight by controlling feeding amounts.

Please increase food levels by 50% to cats in postpartum lactating.

To newborn cats, once they start eating baby food, please soak it a bit with water. Once they grow teeth, it is safe to feed the original solid food to them.

Is it safe to give FINEPET'S cat food to overweight cats that have had the hepatitis of surgery?

We highly recommend asking a veterinarian about food because those cases require strict veterinary attention.

I gave a prescription food to maintain weight until 6 years old. Is it safe to switch to FINEPET'S cat food?

It will be no problem if you observe the feeding on body weight.
Please feed the same amount to your cat at the same time everyday. It is a good idea to take note about weight change in weekly graphs or charts. Please assess the feeding amount that matches the cat. Reduce the amount if her body weight increases, and increase the amount if weight decreases.

With prescription food manages weight, cats don’t gain weight even if they overeat. But these foods contain too many fibers, so those foods cannot be good from the viewpoint of balance of the entire body. Rather than compete against the appetite of the cat, it is ideal to observe the feeding amount and feed balanced food to them in order to maintain the body.

To prevent cat urological syndrome, must a prescription food be given?

Nutrients required for cat life have been formulated in FINEPET'S cat food with a very high balance. Therefore, you do not need to provide prescription food to prevent cat urological syndrome while providing FINEPET'S cat food.

However, please consult a veterinarian if your cat is currently suffering cat urological system syndrome (FUS), upon veterinarian’s consultation, feed the prescription food such S/D or D/C until it is improved. We recommend feeding FINEPET’S cat food after the symptoms have improved. Ash and magnesium contained in FINEPET’S cat food are very low, and the same as C/D of prescription food, so you may feed them without worrying about prevention or relapse prevention.