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In comparison with the canned food, ash levels feel high.

The most included raw material in canned foods is water; its level is 80% of the total ingredients. The water contained in FINEPET'S cat food is 10%. Therefore it is natural that ash levels are different if you look at its percentage from the total.

Actually the canned food will contain higher ash than FINEPET’S cat food. Examining by removing water to 10% in canned food shows the ratio of ash to total ingredient levels is significantly higher. This means you give higher ash to your cat, although you think its level is low.

Does FINEPET’S cat food use linoleic acid?

FINEPET’S cat food does not use linoleic acid. For that reason, though we don’t write it in the table of ingredients, your cat can intake necessary linoleic acid in order to maintain health because we use salmon in Tasmania, as raw materials included linoleic acid originally.

Protein content level in FINEPET’S cat food is too high, so is it bad for senior cats?

Protein level contained in FINEPET’S cat food is 33%. This amount will be necessary and enough for senior cats, and not too much of a burden on their body. In addition, our food is made of better protein content for digestion and absorption, so you can give it to your senior cat without worry.