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We have received lots of the voices daily from the customer of FINEPET’S cat food. We will introduce some of them.

Costumer’s voice by email

From the start of baby food, How you can loose stools had been followed, out shit that was firmly After switching to the fine Pez surprised. Digestibility I thought I Do's good. Eat in peace, if this is you raised. Thank you in the future.

Shizuoka/KF MIX

Boring is the older cat that soon become 13 years old. From the vet it was suggested the food for older cats, but I decided to try out the FINEPET'S at the end that suffering. It will be soon one month began to eat.

In the past it is boring, but it was tough cat that does not take the little hand in the health, develop stomatitis is said that there is no prospect of cure if the cat is suffering from. Treatment and in parallel will be reviewing also food, first we switched from a Maine Coon to the same manufacturer of food for the elderly cat that had eaten much in accordance with the recommendation of Mr. veterinarian. But sometimes the body weight in the past year had fallen 20%, the choice of low calorie elderly cat food had felt the correct or honest question. For Maine Coon was eating for many years has a large kibble, so had to Zura likely to eat from becoming stomatitis, but it I can not afford to go back to, in the heyday of body weight is 11 kilograms (of Maine Coon male case, not the obesity) taken to Attaguri, is than to delicious no food (now at a low calorie) than a not a little only eat I was anxious that than become undernourished. After all, I felt clearly limit around that weight had finally cut the 8 km. But we also received inspection of hyperthyroidism, there is because it was the fact that not a number, such as to worry about, I think that "if it is not more aggressively eat me food" was strengthened.

Did know of FINEPET'S is at that time. Because it was just finished switching to for the elderly cat, glycans these claims start again switching on of preparedness. But surprisingly quickly good results came out. Despite was the switching of quick succession, quite liked was how the FINEPET'S. Every meal we eat delicious.

"I eat because I'm good for the body," it will not work with cats. Eat if Umakere, does not even look if Kere first. Because But to choose the hood is the owner, after all, also have been found with human selfishness, it will bring the human fractional about I think if you that the cat.

FINEPET'S is, I think that it is one of the few pet food to satisfy both the needs of the needs and the owner of such a cat. Because such I was able to meet food, while you can eat delicious rice is moving mouth to eat firm, is what I want to strive to maintain physical fitness.

Tokyo/KK Maine Coon

My home is tame multi-head of the dog and cat. The time of the original purchase of the dog and cat food, to not go well, gradually feel the PITA is in mail order, shopping in passing, but had bought a hood, a child of the cat is fat in the body type, such as watermelon sisters, eating too much stress? And the ... or mixed blood in vomit, two dogs of the child, and poor physical condition one after another, to the vet, it is the hood does not fit? It is pointed out that, was to return to the various thinking also TLC's. Thanks, 1 pups of fat watermelon has been increasingly thin. Vomiting of pill also about some occasionally, but most, it has confirmed what is excreted in feces. After There are a child of the obesity of Chihuahua, but when I give a light system, but hair had become flaky, we have changed the piles to the 3-position of the 4-minute length. Body weight does not decrease but unfortunately, the dog, are working hard to cat both? ? Domestic was a manufacturer, but a malfunction of the cat family of last fall, was the correct answer back to your company. It survives and there is a 2 km bag. Cat food, I thought more difficult than the dog. If you do not know the TLC's, still, a lot, I think I had to try. Thanks, cats, you have to not only from last year, to take care of the animal hospital. Look at the position of the hair ball that surprised you feel the power of food. We hope more and more of the development.


Ever since it adapted to be fed with TLC, fur when the kitten (be dry, hard coat) as a lie as to grow, has been confirmed to become soft and fine hair with my own eyes.

The thing is I was really happy, but The more fine fur, is also a fact that the pill was a worry. There was also be troubled whether to give the cat grass.

But, (as compared to the six or seven years ago, form Yara nutrients Yara size, had been observed much to you was it? Of vary every time gradually changed.) Prescription of TLC is, gradually the number of times that the vomit every time a change I feel also as has been decreased. (What when the vomit, or vomited in overeating, had been or spit the pill along with the bait.)

Once, so that the pill was a worry, there is also that of examining the feces. Because it was a mix of hair in the feces, I thought that I'm able to hair ball control at that time. (There was also be troubled and do you Mazeyo the food manufacturers are to sell other manufacturers of food = hair ball control. After all, since the food of other manufacturers can not be trusted, I that did not mix .) after confirming the feces is no longer 's worry too much that of the pill.

In this new prescription, or not the same as to the whether or now reduce the number of times that spit more and more, I think that trying to better observation.

Kyoto/SN Japan cat

What had passed Karekore few years started feeding the TLC. Two dogs fur is, has become increasingly well.

In particular, have hair around ass female becomes finer, (old days for there was no such a thing) it looks fluffy, is very gorgeous. (Lol)

Even more of the male, when the kitten, but was a coat that was really a Pechan in bristles, etc. it is the difference in hair quality, is now soft and fluffy like a lie. Hair of smell with two dogs, it smells of futon that was dried in the sun. Time really was I wonder? And dubious fur is better seems to lie. You can feel that the fur is nutrition prevailing in I'll try? Whole body will be better integrated far. (Happy)

That recently I noticed the other one, I realized that it is not at all interested in human food. But to the Dari smell, Toka or try to eat, does not Toka or dabbled. I do not Crave seen or even. Are you sure you do not stay out, I tried to go with the food all the way to the tip of the nose, but smell is not still dabbled. (Prior to feeding the TLC, but there was also that or dabbled ...)

However, as we begin the meal, to go with two dogs to eat cat food, I have laughed. By the time of the kitten, not fed the dark flavored cat food, but nowadays I think that was really good. Serious illness one Seth, it's fine every day.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Kyoto/SN Japan cat/p>

Our cat is constantly in and out of the hospital because of heart attacks and liver condition. But nutritional status and numerical value of the liver became normal after we switched FINEPET’S cat food.I think that FINEPET'S product is really great.

Osaka/IT Scottishhold

It took lots of time after I switched to FINEPET’S (TCL), but my two cats are fine and their fur looks better. It seems like I am touching living plush dolls. Not only is their fur better, I almost no longer smell the distinctive cat scent from their bodies, feces or urine. Their bodies smell like beddings dried under sunshine. Therefore, I wonder about TV commercials for cat litter, because my cats don’t smell bad, so their scent does not have to be changed. I think it is because of FINEPET’S (TCL).

Kyoto/SN Japan Cat

The cat food was delivered safely. Thank you. Immediately I fed it to my cat, Chata. She ate the food with enjoyment and erect hair. It seemed very tasty. Since I still had some of her old food, I mixed it with FINEPET’S (TCL). I really want to feed just FINEPET’S (TCL) as soon as possible.

Tokyo/OY Japan Cat

The cat food was delivered yesterday. My 3 cats like it. At first, my old friend gifted me with 2kg FINEPET’S (TCL). I was in trouble before, since my kittens wanted to eat a senior cat’s food. I am really happy that I can now feed the same food to all three.

Nagano/NK MIX

My cat seemed to not like dried food before. When I fed her dried food, she jumped at me with an unhappy face. But she eats FINEPET’S (TLC) with a “kari kari” sound after I switched to it.
My cat is 19 weeks old and weighs 2.4kg. I feed her 3/4 cup a day by splitting into three equal portions. I used to have to throw the leftover food away most of the time, but now she eats almost everything.
Before, my cat wanted my food and came up to the table for something when I ate. But, once I started giving her FINEPET’S (TLC) cat food, she ate it and was no longer interested in my food.
FINEPET’S (TLC) stopped her diarrhea and loose stool, which was the trigger to switch the food. Now she has very good, dark brown stool, and her rear is clean. (I had to wipe around her hip before.)
I think her fur and texture are better. Also, the smell coming from her mouth is almost gone. It used to smell of fish because she ate only canned foods.
I am surprised and glad with the beneficial differences of the foods. I hope my cat keeps enjoying FINEPET’S (TLC).

Tokyo/NK Russian Blue

We I lived in Canada, but there was a tried received a sample from that time Canada of TLC.
However, at that time the cat had given a different organic food because was not good so much eating with.
Is not tried in this again trial size was returning home in the why, but the bite this time is very good.
It also stores what was so much the small things of Canada is not is uncertain, but it seems small is easy to eat.
Flights is excellent condition, but like a little color or because of the gas has become darker? But, not enough to worry.
Started ethoxyquin, BHA, BHT and in Canada, but ingredients are also in detail notation, it will surprise ambiguous Kiwamarinaku Japan of thing. The good, such as the TLC in Japan as owners choose, I think that a good awareness of owners increases. Then to animals be healthy, if Urere is good Prices will fall. TLC I was glad to be purchased in Japan.

Saitama/ES MIX