Taking over a world class recipe With a destiny to pursue further safety and quality

Since FINEPET'S dog food is not a medicine, do not expect sudden dramatic changes. In dogs, it takes about 3 months for all the blood in the body to be replaced (there are, of course, individual differences) so please look for the changes over the course this three month cycle.
After three months, not only will you see more shine in the fur and eyes, but your dog will be the one to show the biggest overall improvements in their health.

1994 imports start from about 20 years, but our company is we have will be sold in Canada TLC pet food company product as TLC dog food Japan Co., Ltd., in October 2013, revised and Co. Evuriwanzu the company name, Canada TLC pet food It became a thing where I am allowed to start the sale of the new brand was further brush up the company's product "FINEPET'S (Fine Pez = healthy pet)" by the company great support of.
As the manufacturers, we are presenting this product.As such, we stress "quality".

This is because the request for the high quality of Japanese customers had been felt always in the business up to now that the corresponding is difficult unless Tazusawara to Japanese production, I, Minagawa Tsugijin itself over the past 20 years pursuit and has been a "food that can give throughout life safe and secure in the world the highest quality," "Ethical (= the environment and society in the products that are manufactured in the process and distribution consideration) reasonable prices of food in" the order to provide in, is a big reason that to fulfill that you can not pursue it launched a new brand FINEPET'S this time if it is not its own brand, as food the requests from experience and customers over the past 20 years, with respect to your pet believed to be offering a further great results.

Taking over a world class recipe
With a destiny to pursue further safety and quality "FINEPET'S"

By making it possible to manufacture at our, intact conventional basic formulation, we the quality of every single raw material so we can check directly. And not only further stick to the quality of the level at which human beings can consume, the administration of hormonal agents and antibiotics in the raw material stage, and the use of genetically modified feed is severely restricted, still a very low clean it the possibility of contamination of radioactive material agricultural powerhouse Australia, we are prepared to use all the domestic raw materials in the HACCP standard acquisition factory is a high hygiene standards.

19 years walked with Canada TLC Pet Food, Inc.

TLC dog food Japan is the company's predecessor, 19-year period from 1994 to 2013, we have been treated as the Asian district total import distributor in Canada of TLC pet food company.
The company pet food meat raw material is blended at a high rate, realized digestibility upgraded among the general premium food in circulation in Japan. By using a raw material that was carefully stuck to a level that human beings can eat, as food that can give you peace of mind through the problems faced life in pets such as allergy, of pet owners to consider seriously a diet of dog love cat everyone we have our patronize.

The original idea "to live longer a pet."

We had to start the import and sale of TLC Pettofu de Corp. products, were from Japan of pet food to potential in the business, "food safety" to the holding have been awareness of the problem.
Can you give with confidence to if any food. Well safety, what should be the diet of a carnivorous animal dogs and cats. The pet food business around the world to research, we came across the Canadian TLC pet food to work seriously to this theme. The alive to its root is the idea that "to live longer a pet."
2013 autumn, we as well as changed its name to the Corporation Evuriwanzu from formerly TLC dog food Japan, started a sale of its own brand products "FINEPET'S". Also there in its origin, is a feeling that has been shared with the many years the company "to live longer a pet." Beginning a recipe inherited from TLC Pettofu de Corporation, the original of tremendous cooperation from the company, it has launched a new brand

To further challenge to answer the Japanese pet owners

The name of our company Everyone’s, Inc. is a pledge that amidst the chaos of the pet food industry, our number one motivation as a business is the trust of our customers.

Although the pet food business, such as the above-mentioned problem is a deep-rooted unfortunately, is also true that consciousness of the Japanese pet owner has been changed a lot for the "food safety". We will penetrate the idea of "food safety of the human food and the same level", which has been working over the course of the last 20 years, there by the we have felt every day we that you are born is higher needs It was. Was born in order to respond to such calls for a high-end pet food is the "FINEPET'S".

Our company inherited the TLC pet food's excellent recipe, and brought the production line to Australia using Australian-made ingredients. Since, we have also improved upon the digestion and absorption rate of the original pet food recipe. With high expectations, we at FINEPET’S challenge ourselves to keep up with our motto of “healthy pets”.