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Why don’t you sell your product in retail outlets such as pet shops?

If we were to sell our product in stores, the length of time needed to process through distribution channels will make quality management difficult and cause our pet food to expire faster. In order to deliver our product fresh from Australia, we need to deliver the product quickly to our customers, and to do such, we must oversee the storage. By keeping our product out of wholesale and retail warehouses with long storage times, we can deliver the highest quality products.

Why do you not offer canned or wet-type food?

Preservatives that are included in the canning: salt, components of the lead that leach from cans, cause a significant risk of harming the health of your dog. Furthermore, keep in mind that more than 80% of canned food is moisture, which means you are paying big money for what is mostly water. Because of this, canned food does not provide enough calories, taking several cans worth to be comparable to dry food. Their stool can become hard, and above all the wet food is likely to accumulate on your pet’s teeth, increasing the risk of pyorrhea and periodontal disease.

Recently circulating the market are incompletely cooked type of canned foods, which contain more additives than the dry food as preservatives and to prevent oxidation. As an experiment, FINEPET'S purchased a half-raw type canned pet food, which even after three years of sitting in storage at room temperature still looked delicious with no signs of rot. For looking unchanged after that extremely long period of time, there can be no other explanation than a high amount of preservatives are included in this type of food.

Dry food such as FINEPET'S dog food is good for the health of the teeth and jaws, but if your dog cannot eat dry food because it is too hard, try giving it to soak in lukewarm water.

Is your dog food appropriate for any ​​breed?

Since the concept of our food is to fit the age of the dog, you can give FINEPET’S dog food with confidence to any breed of dog.

Exotic food to import've heard a rumor that does not meet the Japanese dog.

FINEPET'S is "life style of the dogs who are fed," you have assumed, formulated as a premise that the majority of dogs that live in Japan "are spent with the family in the house" is true has been made .
In an extreme case of the "do not fit in the dog made with that dog food is Japan abroad" is, please us and healthy to continue to a lot of customers from the start of sales of dog food in the current prescription from 1995 we have our patronage.
It is above all of the evidence that it is food that matches also to dogs who live in Japan.

Is it possible to become overweight with FINEPET'S dog food?

FINEPET'S dog food has a digestion and absorption rate of 87%, which is an extremely high rate compared to the typical dog food. This is achieved because necessary nutrients are condensed without compromising the quality of the food. Because of the high digestion and absorption rate, a much smaller amount of food can cover your dog’s nutritional needs.

Therefore, if you offer your dog the same amount of food as you have been, he will naturally gain weight. That being said, giving your dog food with a low digestion and absorption rate is a waste of vital nutrients for your pet, and on top of that you are paying for something that may be damaging to your pet’s health.

If pet food manufacturers were to think seriously about the nutritional management of dogs, the first priority should be to increase the digestion and absorption rate. We want you to be aware as an owner that without a high digestion and absorption rate, the calorie intake, which is displayed on the rough component display or nutrition facts, is a complete lie. It is of course the role of the owner to give their dog the appropriate amount of food.

Can dogs understand taste?

The dog’s sense of taste is not very developed. More than anything, it would be more appropriate to say dogs use their sense of smell for eating. Smells that dogs prefer are fundamentally different from those human beings prefer.

Scent dogs prefer: lactic acid, transient unsaturated fatty acids and amino acids
Scent humans prefer: The smell of amino acids when cooked

In particular smell of transient unsaturated fatty acids, which smells strange to humans, is complete rapture for dogs. Biting and other bad behaviors in dogs is linked to this particular scent.

I think the price is pretty high. What is the difference between your food and other pet foods?

We do not exaggerate when we say that a dog’s health depends on the quality of the ingredients in the food they eat. FINEPET'S not only uses all real meat, but offers meat that is also fit for human consumption. Unlike other pet food brands, we do not try to cut costs by using unnecessary grains and cereals or meat by-products.

lthough using chemically synthesized antioxidants and preservatives lower costs and therefore the price, they are also damaging to your dog’s health. At FINEPET'S we think about health first by using safe and natural vitamin E extracts to prevent oxidation, as well as utilizing other highly beneficial materials. Therefore the price may seem high compared to common dog foods.

Given that your dog food may be harmful to your dog’s health, would you rather spend money on health care costs, or on a dog food that has been made with your dog’s well-being in mind? As a conscientious owner, which would you choose?

Why does FINEPET'S offer only one type of food?

Please take a minute to think on why dog foods are separated by age groups in the first place. When dogs were living in the wild, they did not change their diet as they got older. When it comes to domesticated dog food, in terms of body weight, young dogs need the most calories. As your dog ages from young dog → adult dog → elderly dog, the metabolism actually falls with age. Wild dogs used their instincts to decrease caloric intake as they aged, but domesticated dogs rely on their owners to reduce their calories.

However, if pet food manufacturers adhered to the most natural form of feeding, they would have to reduce the amount of food with the dog’s age, which will result in a decrease in sales. To avoid that, the general practice is to add more grains in the food to increase the amount of fiber in order to feed the same amount as you would to younger dogs, and pet food manufacturers further increase the fiber in food for elderly dogs. Thus, sales are ensured throughout the lifetime of the dog. In other words, dividing dog foods according to age isn’t so much for the convenience of the dog as it is for the convenience of the manufacturers.

FINEPET'S dog food, unlike a typical pet food manufacturers, is the only dog food that adheres to the laws of nature.