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Why has the amount of stool reduced?

The amount of stool represents the quality of digestion and absorption. It is not bad to have less stool. In addition, in the normal food the amount of crude fiber is 4% ~ 7%, but in FINEPET'S is 3% or less which is the ideal amount for dogs. Therefore, the amount of stool should reduce, as well as become black and shiny. Please be rest assured that having fewer stools is natural and not constipation.

My dog had diarrhea, is it still ok to give him this food?

FINEPET'S dog food’s digestion and absorption rate of 87 percent is evidence of our use of high quality and easy to digest meat. Therefore, the food should not be considered as the cause of the diarrhea. In some dogs however, loose stools may occur when they switch to a new food, so this could be the reaction to your dog’s body adjusting to the new food. In this case, try offering your dog a little less than a reference amount, and stools should improve after a few days.

Can allergies be cured with FINEPET'S dog food?

FINEPET'S dog food does not include common allergens (beef, pork, beef fat, tallow, soy, preservatives, coloring, etc.) so therefore does not cause allergic reactions. If you are giving dog food that is causing an allergic reaction, you can heal it in most cases by switching to FINEPET'S dog food.

Even for allergies and other skin conditions not caused by food, nutritional balance is of utmost importance to boost the immune system and the ability to self-heal. Your dog’s natural healing power will allow him to excrete the hazardous substances from his body, and within the 3-month period it takes for blood to be replaced in the body, the overall physical condition of your dog will be greatly improved.

I have given my dog animal hooves or gum to get rid of plaque build-up, but is there a better way?

If you believe that you need to give gum to your dog to remove plaque, try using a natural luffa (also known as a sponge gourd or dishcloth gourd) that you would use in the bath. Boil it in hot water to remove any glue. Offer it to your dog after it dries well, and the plaque will fall cleanly off. You do not need to worry if your dog eats it by accident, as it is a natural fibrous vegetable, but be sure to scold your dog in order to discourage them from doing so.