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For the past 2-3 days my dog hasn’t been eating well.

If the opening of the bag has not been tightly closed for a number of days after opening, the fatty acids may begin to evaporate. Because this can cause a change in appetite, please be sure to seal the opening as soon as possible and store in a cool place, especially during the summer.

My dog has gotten bored of foods until now, how about FINEPET’S dog food?

The reason your dog begins to refuse dog food is your dog is using resistance in order to get other kinds of food. Please instill in your dog that if it do.l/p\;es not eat the food it is given within a decided amount of time, the food will be taken away. We have a tendency to spoil our adorable pets, but this can damage the dog’s health, and it is not good discipline. Even if your dog refuses meals for 4-5 days, please be rest assured he will not die of hunger, and stay firm in this test of endurance with your dog.

I am worried if my dog will eat FINEPET'S dog food.

FINEPET'S dog food is of the finest level of quality in dry food. This is because we use real meat in our ingredients. At the Institute of FINEPET'S pet food of Canada, Inc., where 20 kinds of other famous brand dog foods and FINEPET'S experiments were carried out feeding our foods to wolves, which from among the 21 types of food, only one, only FINEPET'S was eaten. The wolf is the dog’s closest ancestor a carnivorous animal that will never eat anything other than meat. This result shows that the choice food for wolves, FINEPET’S can be said to be the most suitable food for their carnivorous relatives, dogs.

If this is your first time to try FINEPET'S, please try our "First Trial 1kg Bag" (525 yen (tax included)).