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What meat do you use?

We use high protein, low-allergy, safe Australian lamb meat, as well as chicken meat that is excellent for digestion and absorption. On top of that we only use meat of a “grade that humans can eat”.

We do not use any by-products that could harm the health of your dog, any unspecified parts of meat or meat-and-bone meal, or any chemically synthesized additives.

Do you use soy?

The soybean contains harmful substances that act as trypsin inhibitor in the dog, and unless it is heated for a long time its toxicity does not disappear. The amount of heating time is normally only 30 seconds during manufacturing, which does not sufficiently process out the toxicity. We understand soy can cause bloating, indigestion, diarrhea, allergies, and skin diseases, so we do not include it in our product at all.

What are you using for the fat content?

FINEPET'S dog food uses only high-quality chicken fats for a beautiful coat and healthy skin for your dog, and for the prevention of skin diseases.

Beef fat, lard, and oils and fats from unknown animals such as tallow, are not used as they are a major cause of diarrhea and allergic reaction in dogs.

Are you using any colorants?

Coloring is used to make the dog food look good to the owners, and colorants, color removers, and bleaches are, of course, not good for the health of the dog. If you properly use high-quality materials, coloring and bleaching are not necessary. We do not use any coloring agents, color removing agents, and bleaching agents. FINEPET'S dog food color is the color of the original meat.

Are you using antioxidants and preservatives?

FINEPET'S dog food uses natural vitamin E (d-α-tocopherol) instead of using chemical antioxidants and preservatives. Ethoxyquin, BHA, chemical synthetic preservatives such as BHT, other such chemically synthesized antioxidants, or any materials that may be carcinogenic or harmful.

We lavishly use only natural vitamins to prevent the oxidation of fats, and have achieved an expiration date of 6 months after date of manufacture. In addition, vitamin E is an antioxidant that has extreme health benefits for your dog.

So that our product does not oxidize, although there are various methods of packaging to prevent rotting, at FINEPET'S we use only the degassing treatment in order to reduce inventory and focus on supplying fresh food. In any preservation method, if the package is left open for a long period of time, or there is a hole in the packaging, there is always a possibility of rot. More than anything, FINEPET'S wants its customers to feed their pets without worrying about the expiration date, which is why we deliver our pet food fresh from the production line in Australia to our customers without using third party retailers.

I don’t think there is enough fiber in your ingredients.

FINEPET'S dog food has a digestion and absorption rate of 87%, the highest rate among general dog foods. A high digestion and absorption rate means that food is sufficiently digested and absorbed without the help of additional bacteria in the gut. More than adding fiber or intestinal bacteria to improve digestion, understanding the dog’s digestion system and using quality ingredients to balance their diet is far more important.