I want to eat a snack of meat plenty for precious dog!
FINEPET'S Heart biscuits
Use the New Zealand lamb. All dog species, for all ages, is FINEPET'S Heart biscuits new appearance. In the "meat in plenty", is the "health" Both perfect score of the snack as "delicious".

I want to eat a snack of "meat in plenty" for precious dog! "Delicious" and "health" Both snack Introducing the perfect score. Because in general "dog snack" is also used as a "reward for the discipline", it has been made in the "delicious", "salt generous" to "calorie enhanced". However, the dog does not sweat, unlike human beings, salinity is less likely to escape to the outside of the body "salinity generous" is not could lead to "failure of the heart, kidney".Heart ♥ biscuits, instead of refraining from salt, we use the dog feels "delicious!" And "meat" plenty. Even palatability is high, with consideration for health management, both as "delicious", "health" and finished with a snack of a perfect score.

Use secure lamb meat from New Zealand

For a carnivorous animal dog, No. 1 The important thing is the "animal protein". Especially lamb, among the animal protein in the "low-calorie, low-fat", may be digested and absorbed, it is also ideal for improvement and prevention of allergic symptoms. Heart ♥ biscuits, was further select the New Zealand lamb meat of high safety "food safety developed countries" to raw materials.

It stuck to the safety and quality up a notch.

Heart ♥ biscuits, human beings are made to stick to the quality of the level that can be consumed. In HACCP standard acquisition factory is a high health standards, it is processed one by one carefully checked secure raw materials, as a "snack" up a notch, we stuck to the safety and quality. Please give given to the dog safely in terms of quality.

How to give the snack

Snack, as a guideline reference feeding amount of the following, please do not too much give. In the case of heart ♥ biscuits, please give observe the following reference amount merely as a sub-ingredients. By salary test established by the AAFCO, it will not meet the criteria for a comprehensive nutrition, but please do not use as a staple food of the diet. In particular, given a biscuit to the child is originally unbalanced diet slightly, because there is also the potential to contribute to an unbalanced diet, sufficient please note.

heart♥biscuits feeding amount reference table

Weight: 5kg to 10kg About 5 pieces per day
Weight: 10kg to 20kg About 10 pieces per day
Weight: 20kg to 40kg About 20 pieces per day
Do not give food for human beings!

Food for human beings, or high salinity, not the sugar is well suited because it or a lot. Chocolate, cakes, rice crackers, etc. are included together many salt-sugar.

Always in the best condition, give the quality of the safety and security


FINEPET'S think "reference to choose a snack," is the same as dog food. Synthetic additives, preservatives, "do not include the additive," such as anti-oxidants, "do not include a component that could cause a health hazard," such as a strong high-salt fat so, we stuck to the quality .
Heart ♥ biscuits, in the raw materials of safety and security, additives, etc. are not used. Because it does not contain a preservative, it will be delivered in a sealed bag filled with a zipper, but please keep in such commercially available zip lock If you have broken if. In addition, the expiration date has become a 6 months after manufacture. Please use two to three months after the delivery as a guide.

About raw materials

Lamb meat, wheat, chicken fat, sunflower oil, calcium, glucosamine, chondroitin, vitamin A · vitamin D3

Heart ♥ biscuits guaranteed component table.

Crude protein 20.0%
Crude fat 10.0%
Ash 8.5%
Fibrous 2.0%
FINEPET'S Heart ♥ biscuit
"food safety developed countries" New Zealand lamb with plenty of, "delicious" and "health" Both perfect score of snack.
Preservation method : Please keep in the refrigerator crisper in a sealed container.
Internal capacity : 200g, 500g, 1kg
expiration date : Described in the back of the package
Country of manufacture : Netherlands
※Please give within the scope of the reference feeding amount of attention to eating too much as a side dish.
※Please understand that in order to slightly increase than the number of display gram, that it may be broken biscuits from entering.
※If the break in the middle of transportation there is, but please understand that it does not become returned or exchanged subject.