Costumer's voice

We have received lots of the voices daily from the customer of FINEPET’S dog food. We will introduce some of them.

皆川 First time I am using the FINEPET'S dog food, was about three years ago. Opportunity will was the what? 今井さん At that time, we the puppy was born in out was supposed to be a friend keep. Named Lily, feeling, such as raising the grandson Come to to me. So, such as the environment and shepherd the way, I was checking very strictly (laughs)
The first time she keep the dog. When any dog food is examined in a good or net, I happened to find the FINEPET'S dog food, "I found this kind of food, what do you think?" To me I've been with a brochure with. That was the meeting with FINEPET'S. 皆川 It is a rare person that first encounter brochure. 今井さん At first, I was doubting me, "okay Nante what you find on the net?", But (laughs), when I read the brochure, and Do not thinking about food is solid. And, I felt that, it perfectly correct is written.
Also friends "I think that says it pretty good. Why not also try to eat" and replied. 皆川 Thank you very much. Imai at that time, did you ARK Newsletter use any food? 今井さん I had raised another foreign food, but something was missing shops that had been purchased always, I suddenly that food has become not buy.
From that time friend, said, "because FINEPET'S dog food is there is a trial pack, If you try once?", I had to buy together. 皆川 Or how was your when you eat to dog us? 今井さん Six all, I bite from the beginning was good. I was eating happily.
However, that time is still good as much quality and FINEPET'S dog food hood, I thought that would be to the other. So when the price went up in June last year, we decided to stop to buy. 皆川 In fact, since the start of the import of FINEPET'S in 1994, we were allowed to for the first time price increases. 今井さん At that time, the first surprise that the price increase is large, stood even belly. Because of which'm also 7 mice, this is hurt! 皆川 At that time, we had many of the same kind of your complaints.
There is no excuse, 18 years from its inception, I've been working hard all the way at the same price, have risen considerably the cost and transportation cost, it was honestly the last minute of the state. Price increases forced to maintain the quality, does not think so.

However, so know quite cast aside even though the Tsukazu, over time while you are wondering, that eventually the significant price increases. This is sincerely thought that was not really sorry. 今井さん Really in That's right bro (laughs).
At the time, I wanted to really continue to use the FINEPET'S dog food. But, since the price increase was large, try to Kaeyo because there will be other good also food ....

However, it this was very than expected. 皆川 It does what point was hard? 今井さん Also it will have seven. Be given any food, I'm a child that does not eat loath always one or two animals.
Especially soon as it to Pono's different food, thinking all the time to eat human neck, also stopped eating-necked people .... Was a situation in which reluctant to clear.

Human if, you can eat the meat to fish hate the child, the dog I'm not the case. To say whether, also poor to eat much what you hate .... 皆川 While I think that it would me of them familiar, I will be worried. 今井さん FINEPET'S when the dog food good bite is seven all, I did not have to worry about that.

"Do not you go back to eventually FINEPET'S?" A friend you know it Nante said things also. But "No, absolutely because not return!" Each time I had affirmed me. 皆川 I'm so sorry. 今井さん In the meantime, only one finally, 7 animals all were found food that will eat modestly. In domestic, in the hood cut the meat and the allergen, the display of the additive story. I think that it is good if this is so, we decided to eat.

But ... I now had supposed to be suffering from skin disease. 皆川 Is skin disease!? Whether it was a kind of state? 今井さん First and alone more back of Parfait, because it was the degree that could something like a scab, I did not have to worry too much. However, go getting bigger and bigger with each passing day, the blink of an eye the entire back is full of scab! 皆川 It would have been worried. 今井さん Parfait person in question, full of energy but scab is. Since the appetite is also vigorous, it wavered or such of should take to a doctor. Or I thought that the might be allergic symptoms of something season ....

When you are thinking about this and that cause, suddenly, "Come to think of it, now feel like came out immediately after the change in food," I realized that. 皆川 I see. But, also anxiety to change to a different food .... 今井さん That's right. But, in the meantime, in turn, came out to the back of the same thing Soleil, this is a not keep longer linger.So it was back immediately to FINEPET'S dog food. Since all if this was not known to me to eat well. 皆川 To return to the FINEPET'S dog food, How was it? 今井さん As before, me to eat willing everyone, first I was relieved.
Because there is to take a decent correct nutrition is the foundation of health. And, time of meals and walk, review the length, I tried to review the entire life, such as bed also check.

Soshitara, another surprise. Soon disappeared because the scab of Soleil was small, even those of Parfait, which had spread to one side back, completely clean in about two months, I was back on the back of the remains of the old days! 皆川 That's great! I I'm glad I can be improved in a short period of time. 今井さん That's right. But, the only place the food in such a trouble occurs .... I realized the importance of the food from the bottom of my heart. I body and food, So you are very direct.

Dog can not choose the food on their own. Only you're not eat things that people told me to choose who to buy. That's why, do not we have to give to choose properly is the owner. Responsibility I think that very large. 皆川 So So it came to us and also using the FINEPET'S dog food. Currently, or dogs our physical condition are you feeling? 今井さん Everyone is very well (laughs)
When the previous food, but it had also sometimes the diarrhea, in the FINEPET'S dog food, you do not have it. A cut flights also be firm, it became a healthy stool. 皆川 Thats great! 'm Glad most when I am skein hear that kind of talk. 今井さん The fact that can keep the health, I think you also means that they can prevent the disease or trouble.
FINEPET'S dog food is certainly a high price compared to other food. But if applied to the vet, because attaches more high (laughs

And more than anything, because the dog is an important family. If the family is needed much more healthy, it has realized that it is happiness that can not be instead of the money. 皆川 Really Well.
Imai is now, Toka has been preparing for the shop open for dogs and their owners. 今井さん Yes. Shop for a dog that was mainly a dog cafe is the "bow-wow Roxas". Deepen the dog and the owner's ties, such as the dog itself can remain without stress, we wanted to create such a new thing.
Aiming to open before the end of the year, it is currently in preparation. 皆川 Imai, who is crushed heart for dogs us, it is the perfect business. I am very much looking forward. When you open, please by all means let go to play.
Thank you for today.